Experienced Montessori Educators

Teachers create their work plan to ensure a personalized classroom experience.

Self-guided work
Teachers demonstrate the use of materials, define work areas using small rugs for the floor and trays for the table.
Natural Learning Materials
Learning is hands on with tangible and self-correcting Montessori Materials.

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Bilingual School Of Lagos

The Bilingual School of Lagos is open to children from 10 months to 11 years of age. BSL offers a fully bilingual learning program delivered by professional tutors. The children spend half the day in our French program and the other half in our English program, enabling the opportunity for children to be fully immersed in the two languages. The focus is on high quality all round academic and learning experience.

Active Learning

Books and Materials

and fun



At BSL, we go as far as our imaginations can.


Our methods of teaching help children grow in creativity .


At our core, is the ability for student to learn at their pace


We think about problems and possible solutions to them.


We have so much fun while learning.


Our Experienced teachers can deliver the best method of educaton.

Why Montessori

The Montessori philosophy of learning, emphasizes on an individualized lesson, utilizing more than one sense at a time, providing immediate feedback as to the correctness or incorrectness of the child’s work, in an environment of love and respect.

Events and Activities

01 Oct , 2019
08 am - 08 pm Chesachi Hani Okoroafor Close Lekki Phase 1, Lekki Lagos
08 Oct , 2018
08 am - 08 pm BSL Online Platforms

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